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Below you can find descriptions of all the End of Space pages. End of Space and its sub pages are just for fun and we don't take any responsibility for the accuracy of the content. Please send your comments and questions to info at endofspace dot com.


A quiz with all the world's capitals.

Common Chemical Elements

An overview of the most common chemical elements in the Universe and on Earth.


The Decision-maker helps you whenever you have problems making up your mind :)


A quiz with common Japanese words and phrases.


KnowledgeScore is a game that lets you test your knowledge. Compete against yourself, your buddies or other players. Just select a subject and a level and start playing!


A game for guessing which famous landmark we are landing on...

Mathematics - Easy

A math quiz with easy questions.

Peoples Favorites

PeoplesFavorites is a collection of top lists from a variety of categories. You can vote on the items in the top lists and also suggest new items or top lists.

Planets - Order from the Sun

A quiz with the planets order from the Sun.

The Seven Continents

Tell the names of the seven continents before you check on the map.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

A map of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.